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Intense times

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

This is so intense... Seemingly on the surface there is something going on and I feel I Have some kind of control over it. Yet underneath, on a deeper levels… I am afraid to look at it properly… Huge things are involved and I feel I have NO control over it whatsoever. Words cannot describe it. I don’t even know which from existing ones would be appropriate as they have quite low capacity…. So I am spending my days keeping doing different things with a dose of discipline. And… I am in nature! I am staying in a super calm, quiet and peaceful place. No words for it all! Gratitude, yes! Awesomeness, yes!

I have deep down intuition that things will not go “back to normal”. Nothing will look and feel the same. New Earth is forming. We are creating new normal. We are being faced with ourselves and being shown all the masks we were wearing. We will get to see thoughts and patterns we adopted as ours. Yet we will shed all that. This is not a joke, this is real. Fear? Oh yes. It will come. Facing ourselves is scary! We will not be left alone though. We never are. The Universe has our back.

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