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Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Soon I am going to launch this website under a new domain! It's been a while if you look at the dates of the posts...

Soon...:) I am in Mallorca right now. I arrived in August last year. On my way to the Island I had a car accident in France. A woman hit me on a crossroad. She had 3 kids inside the car. Right after the hit I left my van to see what happened. The kids were crying and she was outside. Nothing happen to them, maybe a little bruise here and there, they were mostly scared (after 0.5 hr they were laughing and playing:)). Her car was damaged to the point that she could not drive it anymore. They needed to call road service (?) to toll the car and her with the kids took a taxi back home. Me? It felt like a movie, the entire incident. I manged to navigate it gently and to land in a beautiful spot for the night:

The van was damaged too but drive-able and the whole thing did not stop me on my way to Barcelona:

I continued and stopped on the south of France for 2 nights and met a friend of mine whom I have not seen for over a year. Then I continued my trip and got on time to Barcelona for the ferry to Palma de Mallorca.

And all the above was to say (:)) that I came to Mallorca in August for 3 weeks and then I had to extend my stay because I was waiting for the van to be fixed and after that another things happened but that would be another story:).

Then I decided I am staying here for the winter. All that has led me to where I am now. Doing a mural project in Alaro and sleeping in the van where I am also writing this:)

Life is everchanging. Lets embrace everything it brings remembering that everything has a meaning and that in the end the universe has our back and it will never give more than we can handle.

#sharing #openyourheart #consciousness #love #joy #5thdimension #starseed #lightworker #iam #soul #universe #newearth

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