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Many of us had our tribes when being teenagers. We were going to the woods, making bonfires, singing, hanging out together, falling in love... Then we were told that this is over now. That we need to go to the university, get a nice job, get married and work to pay mortgage and save for pension. That was/is the biggest bullshit ever. And many of us believed in this and thought that’s the way to go. Me included. We have been separated from the tribes believing it was just a play, teenager thing... Where the truth is that it was a very important thing. Something that keeps humanity in their power (enormous power). The truth is that what we had as teenagers down there in the bushes was the most precious thing that should keep going through our entire lives here on this planet. We were separated from that on purpose. It is a deliberate social programming that has been in operation for generations. It is falling apart now though. We are coming back to tribes. We begin to remember and to recognise ourselves being a part of this big human family.

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