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I have put below my realisations that I have been writing down for a while as they were coming:

"The place where You belong will find You. You just need to stop seeking for it and desperately want it."

"People come and go. Every person in our lives plays his/her role. And so we do in other people’s lives. There is absolutely nothing of guilt or blame in it."

"Nothing is random."

"The tone of his voice or face expression or words he uses will stop triggering me as soon as I stop caring about it."

"It is about formulating the right wish at the right moment at the right state of being. Then it just comes."

"Unlearning old habits, thinking patterns, facing death of the old me and constantly learning EVERYTHING again through my own experience and get to see everything through my own eyes. And getting to know what I don’t know and be OK with that."

"I am not Polish. I am not Bartosz. I am not my passport number. I AM NONE OF THOSE THINGS. I am none of those man made constructs and “concepts”. What all those rules mean in the light of the great scheme of this universe, of the universal life force which is present everywhere How all those things relate to nature….? I cannot see correlation, can you? Countries and languages concepts are putting huge filters on our perception and create division mechanisms right from Day 1. We are more than this. Yes, we are…"

"When the right things are happening you just don’t question it, you don’t even think about questioning it, it just is."

"Until you discover yourself and see and embrace who you really are there is a big chance you will keep copying other (mentally and physically), wear different masks and think thoughts that are not yours."

"Only those who are able, will see, receive and appreciate your magic. Don’t judge those who are not. Keep shining your light and focus on your own journey."

"This is the time for Artists."

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