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Bali vibes

Two days ago I was intensively thinking about Bali and things and people related to my experience with this island. And then yesterday my friend from Bali called meJ It was very nice to connect and to hear her voice. To me it was like connecting with Bali energy again. Lovely… I miss this. I miss Bali. I like the feeling I get in my mind and the body when I am thinking about my experiences there. I love when I remind myself of the smell of the air and how my skin felt like being there.

What is coming to my mind now is that I notice that more often when I meet someone or talk to someone on the phone I am listening less to words but more to the volume and tone of the voice, to how it modulates and I am discovering what energy is behind… Also, when I meet someone in person I read the energy behind by seeing a physical image. Sounds familiar?

#sharing #openyourheart #consciousness #love #joy #5thdimension #starseed #lightworker #iam #soul #universe #newearth #Bali #energy

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