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Corona virus – best psychedelic experience ever

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Why do I think so?

Because we have been given an opportunity to see our lives from a different perspective or rather seeing ourselves from a different perspective. Like in medicinal plants journeys we are being shown things about ourselves that need our attention, things that we were not aware of or were only partially aware of… We are being revealed to ourselves. With the difference that we do not have to come back to the body and 3D reality and remember our insights and embody the lessons the plants have taught us. What is happening now is a similar experience but on 3D consciousness level. It is live! What is going to follow is a purge on a massive scale. Purge of emotions that do not serve. It is the time to let it all out. Let go of all the things we had stored inside and were afraid to say or show. I encourage myself to do it and I encourage YOU to follow me. And I feel it is only the beginning…

We are being faced with something that has not happened before and we are standing on the brink of something New which is so big that there is no possibility to grasp it with the 3D mind. The key is not to buy into fear being spread proportionally to the spread of the virus. Lets remain conscious about our thoughts and see this time as a time of crumbling of the old structures, the old control system. Lets abandon the fear of death. Death is only an illusion. Lets focus on the positive side of all that is happening right now and all that that is yet to come.

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