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La Maria

Many absolutely love her. I am one of them! Yet… You need to be mindful about her energy. It is a sticky type. She likes to come and stay. When you open your door and invite her in it could be hard to ask her to leave… She can work for you and be helpful but there is a thin line between cooperation and her being something completely opposite – when you lose clarity and are becoming lazy and all you think of is to meet her again and rekindle the relationship (which is getting harder and harder with the time).

Key is to not to abuse the relationship you have with her and to know when is the time to say “enough” and let her go. It is important to work out a balanced way of living together if you decided to stay around and keep her in your life. If she is meant for you she will be coming back to you and give you what you need and when you need it.

She can help with blocking the bullshit you carry around and see the lies you tell yourself. She can help you see clearly through the programming you have been keeping receiving from early years in this reality. But… Also she can make things look bigger than they are and make you feel scared to death, even paranoid if you are not careful and observant and don't know how to handle her.

It is a powerful spirit in my eyes. I believe it is up to you to know how to work with her in order to benefit from that relationship.

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